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Yay and Stuff September 23, 2006

Posted by April Ayres-Griffiths in food, ikea, toydeath.
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Melody and I had a wonderful night last night. We went out and had Nandos last night in the city (Yay for hot sauce!), then made our way out to IKEA and bought a sofa. As I write this we are waiting for the delivery guys to arrive with it. It will be nice to sit down and snuggle, heh. =)

After IKEA we went to the Toydeath gig and met up with Loscha and his girlfriend Michelle. It was nice to meet them and the gig was great. We bought a CD which I guess we will listen to once the couch is assembled. (Speaking of which – it just arrived). Yay!

But for now, its breakfast time… My love has cooked the most wonderful breakfast.

And now for the next two days – my favourite days of the week, because I get to spend all of them with the woman I love. =)



We have a home September 7, 2006

Posted by April Ayres-Griffiths in home, job, melody.
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Yesterday, Melody and I signed the lease on the our first appartment together. I’m so happy. Its in a nice area, which also happens to be a short hop from the CBD – something that will mean we have at least an extra hour together each day.

Now we can start making a home together. I feel all domestic and can’t wait to move in (on Saturday) and start having some stability in our lives.

In other news, the contract I’m working is going well, and they are dangling the prospect of more work in front of me after that.

Its great that we can live comfortably now…

Melody, I love you. You are what will make that apartment home for me. =D