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Maybe just maybe a job… March 25, 2007

Posted by April Ayres-Griffiths in job, vancouver.

I’ve not posted for a while but a lot has been happening. I applied for a job recently doing software builds and releases – something I have done for many years and enjoyed a lot. To be honest, I wasn’t planning to apply for anything right now since my immigration status is still pending, and that means I cannot work here.

This was one of those job descriptions you read and think to yourself “Wow – this is me – this is what I do!”, so I decided to apply. The recruiter was very eager to speak to me and wanted to arrange an interview with the company (a large firm based in Vancouver). So, last friday we tripped over there on the ferry and I attended the interview with the software development team. I felt really good about the job and that I could bring something to the organization.

They seemed to think so too. Yesterday we were once again in Vancouver doing extra assessments. The word is if they decide to make me a formal offer then they are happy to chase up the work permit for me. Once this is sorted out, Melody and I can settle down somewhere and make a home. We have been missing the daily routine we had in Melbourne and this job will give us the opportunity to make a life here.

I’m just so glad that soon it looks as if we will be able to build that life together. We are tired and sleepy right now, having picked up a cold in Vancouver – heh, it always seems to be raining there when we go. =P

Me on “The Spirit of Vancouver Island” (BC Ferries) clutching a Starbucks decaf for warmth…



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