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What to do… what to do… April 25, 2007

Posted by April Ayres-Griffiths in art, insomnia, life.
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It was one of those nights where I didn’t sleep very well, I was worried about what I personally was doing with my life. The job is one thing, but I was more concerned that I don’t really have any interests external to work right now.

I could do art, photography (which I am taking through open learning to satisfy the last non computing subject of my degree) or writing. I really used to enjoy writing, but in middleschool I got embarrassed about the teacher reading my pieces out to the class. I’m ashamed to say that in response, I started to be a little less adventurous. I’m hoping somehow I can get that artistic spark back in my life.

I hope that I can find that place again.


It’s time… April 21, 2007

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It’s about time that I completed my IT degree.

In the Australian IT job market people now tend to give less weight to someone having that piece of paper because these days it’s entirely possible for someone to cruise their way through university with private tutoring. All my previous jobs have looked at my experience, tested my abilities and on that based their hiring decisions. I’ve met a few people with degrees in my 7 years working who literally couldn’t even wipe their arse unless it involved writing a Java application to do it for them. I’m not picking on IT graduates here, just that theory is one thing and experience is another.

The company I am seeking employment with here in BC is no different, but in order for me to work for them, immigration has to approve me for a work visa. It is supremely unlikely at this stage that I will be able to get what is called a “Fast Track” work permit. They require the completed degree for this. The fast track would have had me starting in early May However it seems the company is willing to hold the position for me… Even if it takes three months (current estimate) to get a work permit. During that time I will be taking steps so that I complete the remaining two subjects of my degree.. Melody and I have already worked that out at least.

Yesterday was a hard day for both of us before the company called, because if this company hadn’t been able to get us a work permit, we realised no one would be able to. If that happened we would most likely spend our relocation money on flying back to Australia. I would find a job in Bendigo, and complete my course by night classes there. Because once I had that degree, I could apply and get approved for a general work permit allowing me to earn income in Canada. Then we could finally start building a life together.

One way or another Melody and I will build that life.

The future is friendly… apparently… April 17, 2007

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Several things happened today: –

  • My Australian Tax refund arrived. This means we have money to look for an apartment in Vancouver.
  • My Birthday present from my family arrived.
  • I got a haircut. Looks like this…

  • Oh, and I got a call from that company… seems they have a new release engineer called April. Wait a second… that’s me!


Now we start looking for a place to live in Vancouver. I’m supposed to be getting a start in the new role on May 1st or thereabouts. It’s going to make for a hectic few weeks.

Finally Melody and I can start making a home together… creating a space that was simply ours as we did when we were living in St. Kilda.

God I love her. This is the first step for us to build a life together….


Kitty Communications… April 17, 2007

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Kitty Communications


A little forward momentum… April 16, 2007

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Our Australian tax refund came through today which has allowed us to pay a few bills and also put aside some money for a deposit on a flat in Vancouver.

At the moment we are still waiting to hear from a company about a job that I have applied for. It’s the reference checks that are taking forever because of the time difference between Canada and Australia.

Still, things are slowly moving forward. Once we have a job offer on the table, then we will go into all out apartment hunting mode.

In a short while we are going up to CanWest Mall in Langford to see about getting some groceries and maybe getting me a cheap hair cut. I’ll need it once I start working. I’m really fond of my locks but it would be nice to trim it back to a uniform length (not too short, mind you)…

Just a hint how wonderfully my life has changed… April 16, 2007

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There is a wonderful story behind this picture. It’s going to take many posts to tell it. ❤

I’m in the process of migrating my posts from livejournal.com back to Blogger…

What’s next? April 14, 2007

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PM to prevent HIV positive people from entering country…

I’m really tired of this government. I know some people with HIV and to think our country would make such a knee-jerk reaction as to totally deny them entry to the country is ridiculous. Do some reading people… it’s not the Black Death for crying out loud.


One a week April 12, 2007

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I’m enjoying drawing again. I’m thinking of posting something once a week or so from now on.

We are still waiting to hear about the job. Ho hum. I did get a call from the guy the other day and the problem seems to be the timezone difference between here and Australia. Unfortunately when its 4pm here, it is only 9am there which does not leave a large window to talk to someone within.

Ah well, Melody and I are going to sit down and eat the Chop Suey and Singapore noodles we just made.

Take care.


Dalek Romance… April 9, 2007

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Dalek Romance


Happy Easter!! April 9, 2007

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Happy Easter…

Easter Fear