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One Year… May 29, 2007

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Today marks one year since Melody and I professed our love for each other.

Thank you for making me the happiest woman on earth.

Your loving wife,



Gluten Free Bread Mix FTW – An experiment – PART ONE May 24, 2007

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Bread mix contains:

2 cups Tapioca Flour
1 cup Corn Starch
1 cup finely ground White Rice Flour
2 tsp Xanthum gum

Sift them together and make sure they are well mixed.

Note that this mix although lighter than a rice flour mix, still needs about one half tsp extra of yeast above what your bread maker recipe suggests.

It’s sitting in the bread maker now… I’ll keep you posted on how it turns out.


Road Tripping May 21, 2007

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Yesterday Melody and I went on a road trip up Vancouver Island with her brother and his dog. We were planning to go camping for the Victoria Day long weekend, however it turned out to be pretty wet. We headed up over the Malahat, through Duncan, Chemainus (home of some lovely murals), and finally to Cathedral Grove…

The Malahat

In an odd sense of symmetry when we stopped at the Malahat lookout to see the wonderful view, we were actually in the cloud and couldn’t see anything. This happened to us in Melbourne when we went to Arthur’s seat, except that time the reason was bushfire smoke and not fog.


This place was marvellous and for our friends in Melbourne, it reminded us a lot of Belgrave. The town has a quaint historic feel to it, and a lot of the buildings play host to wonderful murals.

There is an interesting story I remember Melody telling me about this town… Originally it was your typical coastal industrial town where people made their living fishing, mining and logging. Gradually over time the industries which supported the town began to die off. Rather than letting the town wither away and die, the townspeople decided to cover the walls of the towns buildings and shops with wonderful murals. These murals attracted tourists from all around and the town survived.

It has a touristy feel to the place, but the artwork is wonderful. I just read on-line that the town celebrates 25 years since the murals were painted this month.


We stopped in Nanaimo after Chemainus as we were feeling a little parched and wanted to get some coffee. We spotted a Timmy’s (Tim Horton’s) and popped in for some take away coffee. Nanaimo is smaller than Victoria, but is still quite large. If I was pressed to make a size comparison with somewhere in Australia, I’d say it most resembles Bendigo.

Cathedral Grove

This place was wonderful and had the tallest trees I have ever seen in my entire life. It is filled with very old Douglas Fir trees that literallly reach for the heavens. Everything was covered in moss and it was very lush and green.

It was awe inspiring seeing this place. I love the lush greenery that one sees here in British Columbia, and seeing this wonderful forest made me feel calm and relaxed.

You can get a sense of scale from the base of the tree we are standing in front of. It is enormous!

Out of the Dog House

We planned to stop off in Duncan and go to the Dog House family restaurant on the way home and get some food there, which is apparently quite tasty, however the was a two hour wait for tables in there for anyone who didn’t have a reservation. Instead we ended up going to Romeos (a Canadian Pizza / Pasta and burger chain) and having dinner there. Melody had a plate of nachos and I had myself a burger. The burger had bacon an pineapple in it and reminded me a lot of an Australian burger. Hehe the burger also had mayo in it which I understand is a Canadian staple as far as burgers go. Still, it was very tasty.

Goldstream Park

On the way home, we went and stopped off at Goldstream Provincial park and took the path down to the base of Niagra falls. (Not the Niagra Falls… but another one… It was quite beautiful in its own right and reminded me of Mackenzie Falls in the Grampians national park.

All in all It was a wonderful day. We got to see a lot that this island has to offer. I’m going to miss it when the job in Vancouver starts. Still, there is plenty of British Columbia to explore on the mainland as well which I’m sure is positively wonderful.

I felt so incredibly lucky to be here with my wonderful wife and experience this. I slept peacefully last night, and we are a little tired today, but it was so wonderfully worth it. Tomorrow Melody is working, filling in for someone at her old computer shop. I’m going to miss her. Moments like the one I just wrote about make me realise how lucky I am to have her.


A rambling update… May 9, 2007

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Yesterday and I went into Downtown Victoria and attended a medical appointment in the city. It was good to get out of the house again since its not very often at the moment. I suspect the anxious feelings are partially a bit of frustration about the job. I mean, I *have* a job, but am not starting it for the next several months. I feel very restless and after a few good nights sleep, I'm back to bad dreams. is still asleep at the moment… We both got a little sunstroke yesterday (in BC?) heh. At least with the Australian sun you know its hot… You can feel it burning you, so you afford yourself a little more common sense. But here it just felt all nice and warm and harmless…

I'm finding that 9am is my current limit for sleep. People here start mowing their lawns around then, and I am a very light sleeper. I usually get up when I wake because otherwise I fidget in bed, and I don't want to disturb . She needs that sleep so much more than I do. God I love her so much. I've not been the most fantastic company the past few days due to the anxiousness. I just wish it would stop. It has me not trusting myself, and second-guessing everything. I just want to get that pep back in my step again. I'm sure if I can just get on top of things then things will be better. I'm trying to maintain some semblance of a working day… Although that involves me sitting in my house coat at the kitchen table tapping away at my laptop. The cats here come and nuzzle me and chat to me in the morning. One of the cats, Panther, has been sick recently with a cold and is feeling better the past few days. He will sit beside the laptop and nuzzle me as I work.

We found some music books at a St Vincents De Paul, and also a Dilbert comic compendium. We also dropped into the computer shop where she used to work to arrange to fill in for a week while someone takes their annual leave. I'm going to miss her during that week. I've got so used to being by her side everyday and I've been spoiled. I guess I can visit her at lunchtimes though, just as she visited me and brought me lunch almost everyday whilst I worked at Pacific Internet back in Australia.

I'm currently working on a project for someone she does some server maintenance for. The good thing is that I can use this as a means to get a credit for a Web Development subject at La Trobe University (back in Australia). I am also enrolled now in photography and so will be starting that at the end of the month. These things will give me the remaining two credits I need to complete my degree. I've let it slide for so long now. I was meant to complete it in 2000. Still, I guess it will be a case of better late than never.


Gmail May 6, 2007

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Anybody else been having problems with their gmail? I keep getting error code 766…