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A brief update September 26, 2007

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Things are okay. We are settling into the new place and also into the new job. It will be a few months before we properly get on our feet but things in general are good. Hopefully soon we will have internet. April.


Back in the swing of things… September 9, 2007

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Tomorrow Melody and I will start life in Melbourne again tomorrow albeit tentatively. I start at Netspace and we continue looking for somewhere to live. Thankfully the pay cycle is two weeks arrears, and two weeks forwards on the 15th of the month, which means at the end of this week, work will pay three weeks wages. This will be enough for us to get setup in a place.

We are spending this morning with our family here in Elmore, then catching the train to Melbourne in the afternoon. Tomorrow I have to be at work at 9:30am to sign my AWA etc, but after that it will either be 9-6 or 8-5. I’m going to miss Melody terribly while I’m at work. It will be better once we have our own place and can settle into a routine, but hopefully on Friday or Saturday we can sign a lease on a property and then all will be well.

It has been good staying with our family here in Elmore. I’m going to miss the quiet a little, but we will probably be back again this weekend to pick up some things (assuming we get a place). We only have a Yamaha E330 at the moment for melody to play on, but hopefully next month we can buy her another full-size digital piano.

Posting will probably be sporadic over the next 5 days or so… we will probably post an update next weekend though. Once we have a place of our and the net is on, things will be a little more frequent.

Take care everyone…

April (and Melody)

Musings: Maybe the job was the easy part… September 4, 2007

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Looking for an apartment in Melbourne right now (within a limited budget) feels like someone has handed me a hamster and an elephant and asked me to make the latter fit inside the former, which is never good for elephant-hamster relations.

The market is pretty dry at the moment… seemingly more so than when Melody and I went looking for places last year. We had our eyes on a small bungalow in Camberwell (where my job is), but minutes after we submitted our rental application the landlord pulled the property off-line. I would have been perfect as it was close to my work, cheap and a short term lease. Ideally we would be looking for another apartment when the market is healthier, so it made sense.

Now I’ve started looking at shared accommodation, which while not entirely ideal, might be easier to get into for the short term. I’m pondering posting something on one of the communities here, but haven’t yet reached that level of desperation. I have a few leads I’m following up right now while Melody rests. There is always one more person to call…

Hopefully today is our lucky day…

*crosses her fingers*

In other news I’m tempted tonight to dust off the C128D we scored off Claire and see if we can get it working. It’s been few years since I’ve had my hands in the innards of a C= machine. It will be much fun.

But for now I will continue looking for a home for us, while I pine for my darling Melody. I miss her when she sleeps, but I’m glad she is. This whole endeavor has been tiring for her. I love her so.

Keep well everyone.


A job. September 2, 2007

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Well it looks like I have a job in Melbourne. On 10th of September I will start working for an ISP in camberwell as a PERL developer. The pay is good, and they seem to be a wonderful bunch of people. Now we just need to get a place nearby to work.

Many thanks to Loscha and Miss Mitten for letting us stay over for a few nights at their place while we attended job interviews and looked at places to live.

Now comes the fun part. I’m writing an email to my employer to be in Canada to apologise and tell them that we will be staying in Australia. It was a hard decision to make, but we believe the right one for the both of us. We have rebooked our return tickets to Canada and currently plane to visit again next year.

I love Melody’s parents dearly and hope they can understand that this was a difficult decision for the both of us. All I want is to be able to provide her a good life and take care of her.

Hopefully once her visa is sorted out she can study music here, which she is very excited about. They have a course which focuses on Jazz music and covers music production, performance and basic industry stuff.

Melody, I love you.