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A little update… October 27, 2007

Posted by April Ayres-Griffiths in Uncategorized.

A lot has been happening recently.

We purchased a bed this month which was a vast improvement over the sofa bed we were sleeping on. It's amazing how wonderful a real, inner-spring mattress feels after almost 8 months sleeping on various things – sofa beds, foam mattresses, and even for a while there we were sleeping on an air mattress.

The new flat is furnished finally, and it is starting to feel like a real home. Returning home to Melody is wonderful, but leaving her in the mornings to go off to work is still hard. Still, at least we get to spend our lunchtimes and evenings together. Any time we can spend together is a wonderful bonus. I miss her so when I am at work.

Last night we celebrated Halloween. and came over and we ate a wonderful meal which Melody prepared – gluten-free sausage rolls, a spinach and pasta salad, and a lovely shepherds pie. (drools at the thought of it).

Today, finally, someone came from Body Corporate to fix our intercom. Yay! Now we actually will know when someone is frantically pressing on the buzzer. We are having a quiet Saturday afternoon. As I write this, Melody is practicing her piano, as I sit beside her.

*sighs contentedly*

Have a great weekend everyone of you. =)


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