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A Netspace Christmas… December 9, 2007

Posted by April Ayres-Griffiths in Uncategorized.

Last night, and I attended the Netspace Christmas party at the Kingpin Bowling Lounge at Victoria Gardens. It was nice to have a christmas party where partners are invited (Last year when I was contracting at Pacific Internet, it was employees only and as such I didn't go).

We had an open bar, and unlimited free-play on the games that were available there. Melody and I played some Air Hockey (which was great fun), and we were given a complimentary game of bowling. I have not bowled in many years and it was very enjoyable. It was fantastic to be out and about with my angel, and she got to meet most of the people I spend my weekdays with.

It is a very different atmosphere to work, and it was interesting to see people unwind and relax outside of work. Speaking of getting un-wound, we consumed a great deal of Merlot, and when later the bar was mixing spirits we had some lovely Southern Comfort and OJ (well it was lovely at the time hehe), while we watched my co-workers succeed (and fail dismally) at bowling.

As I write this, I am still nursing a hangover. But we had an absolutely wonderful time, and I can't wait to take Melody to the next Netspace Christmas Party..

I mean, we'll have had 365 days to recover by then… 😉

Melody is so cute in her Santa hat…

EDIT: Apparently Melody won a prize after we headed home on Saturday night. A $20.00 gift voucher to Galactic Circus. Yay! Many thanks to Shaun at work for collecting the prize for us.


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