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Happy Birthday Melody! January 14, 2008

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Happy Birthday Melody.

This is the second birthday I have had the privilege to share with you.

You make me so wonderfully happy. I hope I can do the same for you for years to come.

Your loving wife,



Late: Happy New Year and Happy Tonsils Day January 8, 2008

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I haven't updated for a little while as things have been kinda hectic.

Firstly, a very happy new year (yea, I know… It is the 8th =P ) to everyone!

Melody and I spent Christmas time in Elmore with our Australian family and we had an enjoyable time. It was cold again at Christmas (the second year running), which Melody assures me is her influence. We made yummy gluten free sausage rolls and put on a buffet supper on Christmas eve, something which is a tradition of Melody's. We had a wonderful time there, which culminated in us going camping on the following Saturday night, at a small campground about 7km out of Elmore.

I'm have to dig out some photos.

Right now, however, I'm trying to get a doctors appointment to see someone about what is left of my tonsils. I had them removed back in 1993, and the surgeon didn't do the best job. So now I still get tonsillitis every so often, except nowadays it seems to be worse than it used to. I've had it now for over a week, and it just seems to want to hang around. It might be time to swat it with some antibiotics. I hate being sick, because it diminishes my ability to take care of Melody.

Then probably back off to work, unless the doctor recommends otherwise. Maybe I would be better off staying in bed.

Happy belated New Year to everyone!