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WordPress and Safari: Bork bork bork? March 10, 2008

Posted by April Ayres-Griffiths in mac os x.
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Has anyone noticed that Safari really doesn’t play nicely with wordpress, when editing text in rich mode?

Or is it just me?

Edit: Apparently it is not just me… I found many references on the web to this issue. Oh well, I still think wordpress rocks though, and I found a dashboard widget that lets me write posts, so score one to browser incompatability I guess.


1. drmike - March 20, 2008

Actually that’s been a known issue with Safari for years as that browser doesn’t support javascript fully. It’s covered in the wp.com faq. You may want to take a few moments and review it.

2. drmike - March 20, 2008

Oh, and your posts do show up in the tag system. 🙂

3. April - March 20, 2008

I did read the FAQ after the initial post, hence the edit… 🙂

As for the posts, I just noticed that they do now. It was actually the posts on tapdancerproject that weren’t showing up, but I’m assuming a little birdy fixed things or there was a delay in them appearing.


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