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29. April 5, 2008

Posted by April Ayres-Griffiths in Uncategorized.

Yesterday I turned 29.

It is the second birthday that I have spent with my love, Melody, and as usual she spoiled me rotten with all manner of wonderful, tasty, treats; she cooked me both lunch and dinner. Lunchtimes are a special part of the day for me, as I get to go home from work and see her; however, this birthday lunchtime was doubly so. Melody had prepared a veritable multitude of food. A wonderful tomato noodle soup, delicious gluten free sausage rolls, and delightful pineapple custard cupcakes.

My love also cooked me a dinner. We could have had the option of eating out, but all I really wanted for my birthday was a home-cooked chilli pot. A meal shared between us, as we do every-night. Melody made tacquitos and salsa, to go with the chilli. It was a positively decadent affair, and we filled our bellies, talked, and just enjoyed each others company.

After dinner, we snuggled close on the couch, which unfolds into a bed, and we watched a couple of movies before we drifted off to sleep in each others arms. That was the most wonderful birthday present, elegant in its simplicity. I feel truly blessed in the sense that all I want is what I have. I do, however, wish there were more of the waking hours that I could spend at home. To be there and comfort Melody when she has a rough day; to always be available to her. It is one of my dreams that I can be present more in future.

The greatest gift I have in my life, is the love that Melody feels for me, and that I feel for her. It is genuine, and sincere, and not based on so many superficial factors. Sadly sometimes I look around and observe other couples, and it seems they don’t necessarily feel the same way we do. I wish that more people felt that way.

All I want is to make her happy.



1. trugiaz - April 8, 2008

Hey, happy belated birthday!

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