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Preparing for Canada July 13, 2008

Posted by April Ayres-Griffiths in Uncategorized.

It’s been a while since I last posted, and a lot has happened since.

Melody was granted her temporary residency visa (which means she is legally able to stay here), and we are preparing to head to Canada for a month in a couple of days, for a holiday and to visit Melody’s family.  During that time we hope to go camping in Bannf, and this little black duck will see a mountain the way that nature intended it – big!

We are looking forward to a lot of simple things while we are there.  For one thing, we plan to eat a lot of Salmon.  A whole salmon big enough to feed four people as  a roast dinner costs around five dollars there, which is amazing when you see it costing around thirty to forty dollars a kilogram here.  We also plan to have ice-cream (in my case it is Rice cream hehe), as there aren’t many deserts in Australia that are sweetened by fruit sugar or Splenda.  Everything here is sweetened with dreaded sweetener number 951.  In addition to that we will wash down our ice-cream coated Salmon roast with ludicrous amounts of decaffinated drip coffee, something conspicuously absent in Australia.  A coffee in Canada costs about two dollars and change for something that fills a medium sized slurpee cup.

Our journey will take us via LA International Airport, which we are not so pleased about, but it will be the last time that we will have to pass through there, as we will be returning via New Zealand, as Air New Zealand does a flight from Vancouver to Auckland to Melbourne, which means we don’t have to pass though the United States at all.   The last time we flew to Canada, I got the short straw with an “SSSS” on my ticket stub, which meant that I was subjected to tighter security checks than a person would normally encounter.  I’m not fond of getting patted down by a TSA officer, and would prefer not to repeat the ordeal.

But I do feel a measure of excitement at the prospect of visiting Canada again.  Its just the prospect of forty hours of transit that makes me feel a little aprehensive.


1. Melody - July 13, 2008

We will make it together. I love you!

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