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Red Dwarf and Massage November 2, 2008

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It’s taken us a while to catch the digital TV wave here.  Partly because we don’t actually have an antenna socket in the apartment we live in, and we only barely get a signal on analogue TV with the assistance of a booster box a co-worker kindly donated to us.

This morning, Melody and myself went and visited the local rotary market, as is our custom every so often, and found little of interest there.  To be honest, it can be very hit and miss, especially when people are asking more and more money for second hand goods.

We had intended to go to Chadstone later that day and have a look around for a massager that would help work out some of the discomfort that Melody deals with on a daily basis.  However, by the time we had been to Safeway to do the grocery shopping, we were a little tired, and it looked like we would not make it to Chadstone.  

I suggested to Melody that we visit Dick Smith Electronics and see if they had any massagers, as a quick google that morning turned up a few results on their site.  It was on our way home, and with little to lose, we decided to give them a chance.  

When we got there, we found they had several types of massagers, and acquired a couple.  One is a heavy duty one that I hope will give melody some relief and relaxation.  The other was smaller, but quite versatile.  All in all a good haul for a whim.

So how does this relate to digital TV? 

Our primary purpose served, Melody suggested we have a peek at digital set top boxes.  I must admit I was skeptical.  Our TV reception is all in all, quite terrible, and I didn’t have a high degree of confidence that we could get enough signal through the indoor antenna to get a clear digital signal.  

A salesperson directed us to the set top boxes, and we saw the cutest little box.  It measures all of about 6cm x 10cm x 2cm.  “Is that it?”, I asked incredulously.  This thing was tiny, and looked like it could not decode its way out of a paper bag.  But the salesperson assured us, that it worked fine, and we bought it.  


Our ickle DVB decoder box.

Our ickle DVB decoder box.



The end result? We have a crystal clear digital picture on ABC and SBS (and their digital variants).  All the other channels are pretty much terrible, but to be honest there isn’t really anything worth watching on Ten, Seven and Nine, anyway. *

To cap it off, ABC2 was showing Red Dwarf one of our favorite British comedies.  Welcome to the digital age indeed. 

* Someone please feel free to correct me here, but I don’t count gritty Melbourne dramas that paint the city as a hotbed of crime worth watching. 


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