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My name is April and I am a Aussie living in Melbourne Australia, with my Canadian wife, Melody, whom I absolutely adore.

I’m about 30, and work in Information Technology as a Software Developer, for an Internet Service Provider (ISP), here in Melbourne.

I write poetry, sketch, read, program software and generally enjoy life with my wife. One day we hope to adopt a child, and I honestly believe that Melody will make the most wonderful mother.

We spend our days between Australia and Canada at the moment, and are working on getting Melody permanent residency here. Eventually though we will return to Canada and residency for myself. Anyone whose significant other was born overseas will understand the turmoil one goes through initially with such things. But every moment is worth it.

This journal is an attempt to express my thoughts about life, about love, and just about anything else that crosses my mind.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride…



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