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Weather, weather everywhere… April 3, 2008

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Storm damageTree uprootedFrom above

I think everyone is familiar with this sight in Melbourne after yesterdays storm.

This tree came down in the front yard of our apartment block. Thankfully, it was a small one, however the damage is a lot worse in other areas. In the eight years I have lived in Melbourne, I think this is the worst storm I have seen, at least in terms of strong winds.



Daylight Savings March 30, 2008

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Arriving at work today, I found that my work PC thought it was 7am, when in fact it was 8am.

Why? Because it erroneously thought that Daylight Savings Time had ended in Victoria, Australia. 

Apparently there is a fix for this issue: –



iPhone Developer Program: “Computer Says No” March 17, 2008

Posted by April Ayres-Griffiths in mac os x, software development, technology.
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It seems that after touting the wondrous iPhone developer program, Apple may have jumped the gun, with rumors that their developer certificate issue system might not be ready.

There are reports that many developers (those who have paid the $99 USD fee), have received rejection notices, and very few people have received positive responses.

Being an Australian citizen, the developer program is not open to me, nor do I even have access to an iPhone, there as yet being no Australian carrier of the device. Sufficed to say, if it is any indication comparing prices between the US, and here, you can be sure it is going to cost a lot more money in Australia. The disparity between product costs (even factoring currency conversion) is a sticking point for some Australians.

The other, rather sad note, is that one cannot develop iPhone apps on a PowerPC based system. It is Intel only, with no intention to release the SDK to legacy users. It is a shame, as our 1.25 Ghz G4 Mac still does a wonderful job.

While I understand that Steve Jobs wants to embrace the newer architecture, one wonders if the next release of the OS will abandon PowerPC entirely. If the iPhone SDK release is any indication, it may be more than a possibility.


WordPress and Safari: Bork bork bork? March 10, 2008

Posted by April Ayres-Griffiths in mac os x.
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Has anyone noticed that Safari really doesn’t play nicely with wordpress, when editing text in rich mode?

Or is it just me?

Edit: Apparently it is not just me… I found many references on the web to this issue. Oh well, I still think wordpress rocks though, and I found a dashboard widget that lets me write posts, so score one to browser incompatability I guess.

A new home… March 10, 2008

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I have journals all over the place, and it’s about time that I consolidated everything into the one place.

So, here it is.

Over the coming months I will be migrating my livejournal, and other blogs over to this one, as I like the way that WordPress works, and that I can create separate pages of interest to my main blogging.

This suits me fine as I have poetry and other artwork, and it would be fantastic to have it all in the one location.

So here we go…

Rest assured that I will continue my LiveJournal as well, and will cross post most WordPress items to it.

Happy Anniversary and Valentines Day! February 14, 2008

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Happy Anniversary (for the 3rd), and Happy Valentines Day to my amazing wife, Melody!

Yours forever,


Meme: What time of day are You? February 10, 2008

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I am actually pretty amazed at how accurate this is.

Happy Birthday Melody! January 14, 2008

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Happy Birthday Melody.

This is the second birthday I have had the privilege to share with you.

You make me so wonderfully happy. I hope I can do the same for you for years to come.

Your loving wife,


Late: Happy New Year and Happy Tonsils Day January 8, 2008

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I haven't updated for a little while as things have been kinda hectic.

Firstly, a very happy new year (yea, I know… It is the 8th =P ) to everyone!

Melody and I spent Christmas time in Elmore with our Australian family and we had an enjoyable time. It was cold again at Christmas (the second year running), which Melody assures me is her influence. We made yummy gluten free sausage rolls and put on a buffet supper on Christmas eve, something which is a tradition of Melody's. We had a wonderful time there, which culminated in us going camping on the following Saturday night, at a small campground about 7km out of Elmore.

I'm have to dig out some photos.

Right now, however, I'm trying to get a doctors appointment to see someone about what is left of my tonsils. I had them removed back in 1993, and the surgeon didn't do the best job. So now I still get tonsillitis every so often, except nowadays it seems to be worse than it used to. I've had it now for over a week, and it just seems to want to hang around. It might be time to swat it with some antibiotics. I hate being sick, because it diminishes my ability to take care of Melody.

Then probably back off to work, unless the doctor recommends otherwise. Maybe I would be better off staying in bed.

Happy belated New Year to everyone!


A Netspace Christmas… December 9, 2007

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Last night, and I attended the Netspace Christmas party at the Kingpin Bowling Lounge at Victoria Gardens. It was nice to have a christmas party where partners are invited (Last year when I was contracting at Pacific Internet, it was employees only and as such I didn't go).

We had an open bar, and unlimited free-play on the games that were available there. Melody and I played some Air Hockey (which was great fun), and we were given a complimentary game of bowling. I have not bowled in many years and it was very enjoyable. It was fantastic to be out and about with my angel, and she got to meet most of the people I spend my weekdays with.

It is a very different atmosphere to work, and it was interesting to see people unwind and relax outside of work. Speaking of getting un-wound, we consumed a great deal of Merlot, and when later the bar was mixing spirits we had some lovely Southern Comfort and OJ (well it was lovely at the time hehe), while we watched my co-workers succeed (and fail dismally) at bowling.

As I write this, I am still nursing a hangover. But we had an absolutely wonderful time, and I can't wait to take Melody to the next Netspace Christmas Party..

I mean, we'll have had 365 days to recover by then… 😉

Melody is so cute in her Santa hat…

EDIT: Apparently Melody won a prize after we headed home on Saturday night. A $20.00 gift voucher to Galactic Circus. Yay! Many thanks to Shaun at work for collecting the prize for us.