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Perfectly You

I never thought, to find this place,
A computer screen, a smiling face,

Which until last week, I never knew,
Was real, and manifest, just as you,

Who contacted me, just right then,
At a time, when I had reached again,

That lonely place, that empty room,
Devoid of hope, my impending doom,

Built of loneliness, difference, pain,
I cried silently, tried to bear the strain,

But at that moment, I saw your prose,
Accepting, hope filled, my spirits rose,

I logged myself on, and I talked to you,
And realized that moment, you were true,

For in your eyes, I see my own,
Mirrored back, familiar essence known,

But also though, I see within you,
Your beauty, your wit, your sacred truth,

And I never thought, that I would find,
Someone like you, so I need to remind,

Myself each new day, that you are real,
To hold you tight, and know, and feel,

That someone, so perfectly you, could be,
Not imaginations folly, but real to me…


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