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Job satisfaction September 14, 2008

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Those who know me well know I’m a pretty mellow person generally.  In most situations I’m content to go with the flow, and roll with the punches (metaphorically of course, since I’m certainly no heavyweight boxer – I have trouble opening a jar of pickles).  Lately I’ve been doing a lot of thinking regarding what exactly makes me happy in my job.  

Naturally, this involves a lot of thought about where I am now, versus where I was at several years ago,  Outside of work, things are wonderful.  I’m married to a delightful woman (my wife Melody), and things generally are happy and fulfilling.  

In the sphere of work, however, I am starting to find things wanting.  I used to do a lot of production support work, and helping other software developers.  I guess you could say my job involved making sure everything from development, to testing, and then finally production goes smoothly.  By and large, although there never quite seemed to be enough hours in the day, I went home from work with a sense that the place was better for having me there.

I’ve come to realize just how important such a payoff is for me personally.  A decent salary is one thing, but if you are not leaving work at the end of the day with that feeling that you accomplished something, eventually you start to feel like there is little point to the job you are doing.  Sadly that seems to be the situation that I find myself in right now. I do work with a wonderful bunch of people, however I’m finding it harder to get that payoff.  

So now is a time of contemplation.  What can I do to make my job more interesting, more fulfilling? I do have a lot of experience that is going to waste right now.  I’ve worn so many hats in the past, that just being a “Software Developer” is feeling too restrictive.  There are other forces at work (no pun intended) that make me feel this way, but I’m certainly not going to go into those in such a public space.  

I suppose it is about finding a balance, and finding a path in my career that gives me back that feeling that what I do, means something.  If I can find that feeling again, then things will be better.  

In the meantime, I am so very thankful for the love and support of my wife, Melody.  She makes everything else worthwhile.


Musings: Maybe the job was the easy part… September 4, 2007

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Looking for an apartment in Melbourne right now (within a limited budget) feels like someone has handed me a hamster and an elephant and asked me to make the latter fit inside the former, which is never good for elephant-hamster relations.

The market is pretty dry at the moment… seemingly more so than when Melody and I went looking for places last year. We had our eyes on a small bungalow in Camberwell (where my job is), but minutes after we submitted our rental application the landlord pulled the property off-line. I would have been perfect as it was close to my work, cheap and a short term lease. Ideally we would be looking for another apartment when the market is healthier, so it made sense.

Now I’ve started looking at shared accommodation, which while not entirely ideal, might be easier to get into for the short term. I’m pondering posting something on one of the communities here, but haven’t yet reached that level of desperation. I have a few leads I’m following up right now while Melody rests. There is always one more person to call…

Hopefully today is our lucky day…

*crosses her fingers*

In other news I’m tempted tonight to dust off the C128D we scored off Claire and see if we can get it working. It’s been few years since I’ve had my hands in the innards of a C= machine. It will be much fun.

But for now I will continue looking for a home for us, while I pine for my darling Melody. I miss her when she sleeps, but I’m glad she is. This whole endeavor has been tiring for her. I love her so.

Keep well everyone.