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To Melody July 3, 2006

Posted by April Ayres-Griffiths in love, melody.

So this is what love really is…

Look into my eyes, and feel my souls ache,
As your own mirror mine, I tremble and shake,
You gaze upon me, within me, and you see it too,
You’ve always known me, I’ve always known you,

Love born not of this earth, nor even this now,
Confused, I puzzle, try to understand how,
I could feel this love, this intense sacred truth,
I sense within your soul, that you feel it too,

As my heart and soul blaze, with loves pure fire,
I wonder if you know, just how much you inspire,
All the best, the most fantastic, feelings within,
You are my beloved, my angel, my long lost kin,

I know that I knew you, before time was born,
And each time I see you, my heart feels more torn,
When I gaze at that screen, and cannot touch you,
My soul mate in a box of electrostatic glue,

But although that ache hurts so, I’ll never regret,
Seeing you there – not here, is painful, and yet,
I cannot despair, since that old adage is true,
About good things, my love, and that’s surely you,

So in a short while, once you board that plane,
As the distance decreases, so will our strain,
My angel, and goddess, as your feet touch the earth,
I give thee my soul, my heart, and my hearth.

Your fiancee,



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