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Diatribe… July 25, 2007

Posted by April Ayres-Griffiths in Uncategorized.

I was going to post something amazing and witty here.  But then the bananas I ate decided to take the expressway and I promptly forgot about things ().  I guess we'll put witty to the side and whatever dribbles out of my brain will have to do.

My life seems to consist of either amazing things happening or not much at all. Amazing was meeting melody when I thought I would never really *know* love.  Amazing was that she felt that for me too.  Amazing was coming back here and getting married, then applying for the first job that took my fancy – and getting it.  All in all that's a whole heap of amazing for this little programmer from Elmore.

Then came the nothing.  Lots of nothing. Getting a Work permit.  Waiting on a work permit is somewhat akin to cutting grass with nail scissors – you get there eventually, only to find the grass you started at has already grown back to its original height.  I mean, reading War and Peace is something that I keep putting on the back-burner, but I could have written a whole dissertation on it that was actually longer than the original, translated it into Swahili and then built a ladder to heaven to hand deliver it to God in the time it seems to have taken so far. And to be honest things are only moving forward because I have effectively completed my degree (which I hadn't managed to do until now… priorities, huh?).  Once the final credit is applied, we can then take to two week fast track process through immigration.  If all goes well I'll be another cubicle monkey by the end of August.  Hopefully it won't take too long to find an apartment in Vancouver that allows kitty cats.

Still throughout this I would not have stayed sane if it wasn't for my amazing, wonderful, charming, and dedicated wife, Melody, who kept me going those long days that I studied and worked, and who has been supporting us while I have been unable to work.  I want to pay that back one-hundred fold over the next year, and every year to come.  This job will mean she can study music, her hearts desire.  She is so gifted musically and I just feel so in awe listening to her practice on the piano.

Melody – I love you.


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